Jeffrey Charles Rohrer was born and raised in the small Southern California beach community of Manhattan Beach. Jeff, at an early age of 14, began working as a metal sculptor for local artist Greg Quale selling many of his whimsical pieces on the commercial market. By age 16, Jeff, still heavily involved in welding abstract works of art in three dimensions, added pottery to his art repertoires. By the end of high school, Jeff was considered a master potter, and his work won several awards based on his highly skilled techniques and unique creativity.

College would take Jeff to the East Coast to attend Yale University. During his time at the University, while still considering himself a student of the Arts, his focus in this field took a back seat to academic studies and football. Jeff’s creative instincts soon were channeled into becoming a solid student and talented Linebacker for the Yale Bulldogs. When his college days came to an end as a 1982 graduate of Yale University, the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys drafted Jeff in the 2nd round where he played from ’82-‘90 for the famed and legendary coach, Tom Landry.

At the end of his football career, Jeff became a global freelance commercial line producer working for the finest directors and companies on the planet winning multiple awards including Cannes Lions.
It was with the start of this direction in life that Jeff ventured back to his intense love of Art and used his bold imaginative talents to paint oil on canvas. He was consumed by this medium and concentrated his early efforts on portrait subjects. One of these early pieces, a portrait of his coach Tom Landry, is proudly displayed at the Baylor Tom Landry Health & Wellness Center, Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Texas. In 2014, a fire destroyed over 40 Rohrer originals; however, by good fortune, around 40 additional original oil on canvas paintings survived.

If Art were Rock and Roll, Jeff’s style would be heavy metal.. BOLD AND STRONG BRUSH STROKES, VIVID COLORS; and his famous blue portraits have given Jeff his own expression, style, and space. Mixing paint has become a specialty in his psychedelic “Van Goghesque” style. His work makes the viewer smile and offers many places to go within the painting’s body. It is easy to get lost in one of Jeff’s paintings. Jeff often paints outdoors at night by torch…sharing wine and laughter with friends..come join him someday.