Jeffery Charles Rohrer

Jeff grew up in Manhattan Beach California as the son of a Lifeguard and a Teacher.

Jeff won a few elementary school art shows as a kid. He painted only in dark green, purple and black. The school and its administration were worried about this strange choice of colors and called Jeff in for an interview and IQ test. Jeffrey passed all the tests with flying colors and the Shrink was forced to ask the question… “You paintings are very nice but Jeff why do you paint everything in such dark colors..are you ok?”

The answer came quickly to Jeff . “I am fine…I just do not like lines..and when we paint I wait until all the kids are gone. All that is left is black, purple and dark green.”

This kind of attitude persisted through JR High School where Jeff worked at a metal sculpture booth in the Old Town Mall in Torrance California making airplanes, blimps and boats for the macramé loving public of the 70’s.

In High School Jeff switched his focus to Pottery becoming a master potter and sculptor.

Jeff took a very long break from art while he attended Yale University and a 8 year run as a Linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. Jeff wanted to learn how to paint Oil on Canvas so he went out and bought some supplies and developed his own self taught style. Many of his earlier paintings were destroyed in a fire at a self storage in Venice Beach California ..which may be a blessing to everyone on the planet . That being said there are a few dozen floating around California somewhere.

Jeff’s recent Blue and White phase is now featured on this website including the Ten Foot Tall Crosses that surprise , enlighten and start arguments.